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How to check and book flight tickets? What's the latest flight price?


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Please download our Android or iOS app from this link: https://www.farefirst.com/cheap-flights-app

or you can also visit our website https://www.farefirst.com using your favorite mobile or desktop browser

Step 2:

In the search field enter FROM and TO, as you enter the city or airport name, the auto fill will help you to find the nearest airport.

Step 3:

In case you are going only in one direction, please select "One-Way" and enter your onward journey date. If you are planning to buy the return ticket as well, please click "Return" and enter both onward and return journey dates on the respective calendar fields.

Step 4:

By default the search will happen only for 1 Adult, in case you need to add more people, please click on the traveler section and add

  • More Adults (12 years and onwards)
  • Children (2 to 12 years)
  • Infant (below 2 years, must be seated on lap)

Step 5:

Click Serch, Now a lot of results will be loaded. By default cheapest results will be shown first. Each result will also show the flight price as well. Check if the timing of the flight matches your travel plan. Please note that the time mentioned in the result will be the local time of the respective Airport of that particular country.

Step 6:

Once you click on any item shown on the result screen, you will be presented with the detailed screen of that particular flight. This will help you to double-check all the necessary details. Then you can click the "Buy" button.

Step 7:

Enter all necessary personal details like name, passport, phone number, etc on the next screen. You will also see how much luggage is included in the price. If you need to add more luggage or pre-book a meal, you can do it here. Once all these details are filled in, you can pay using the multiple payment options mentioned.

Step 8:

Once the payment is successful, you will receive the ticket in your mentioned email. Usually, there is no need to print this ticket in most counties, you can show the confirmation email on your phone at the entry and inside the airport.

Step 9:

Please make sure if your ticket has a PNR number (eg: ABCDEF), or a 6-letter code. Only if your ticket has a 6-letter PNR, then only your ticket is confirmed. In some rare cases when airlines are overbooked or due to a technical glitch, if your ticket does not have PNR, then your booking is not confirmed, In this case, you need to contact the booking agency and either chose a different flight or choose a full refund. Please forward us such tickets, we will help you to reach the right people.


1. Make sure you carry a valid vaccination certificate.

2. Sometimes the cheapest flight will be the longest flight, please check the flight duration and stops in the details screen carefully.

3. If there is a stopover in your journey (not a direct flight), you might need a transit visa in some countries, you need to contact the embassy to confirm if you need a transit visa for each of the stopovers in your journey.

4. Not all tickets will have a meal and baggage pre-booking option, in that case, you can contact the airline or the airline office at the airport to add more luggage and meal.

5. You can optionally do a "web-check in" before 24 hours of your departure on the airlines' website, the link will be usually sent to your mail. This will help you to avoid last-minute rush and queues at the airport.

6. Please note that the price shown will be valid only for 20 minutes, post which the prices might differ to adjust the demand.

If you have any other queries please send us an email at: [email protected]

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